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Banking Regulation

4/27/2010 – HUFFPO: 13 Bankers: The American Oligarchs and the Systemically Dangerous Institutions (SDIs) they Rule

5/4/2010 – NEWDEAL 2.0:  A “Modest Proposal” for Capital Market Reform:  Close down Rule 144A

5/10/2010 – RORTYBOMB:  SAFER Makes the Argument for why Banks Should Not Be Derivative Dealers

6/24/2010 – A Mortgage in the State of Nature? Mike Konczal

6/29/2010 – Financial Reform Bill Breakdown, Lucy and the Football  Mike Konczal

5/16/2010 – NAKED CAPITALISM:  You Say You Are a Market Maker?  Great, Act Like One –

 5/25/2010 – REAL-WORLD ECONOMICS REVIEW:  Ficticious Capital –

7/5/2010 – THE FOURTEENTH BANKER: Our Vichy Regime Regulators –


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  lucyhoneychurch wrote @

Re-Regulation Worksheet –

1. You originate ’em you own ’em.

1. Exchanges
2. Clearinghouses

1. Glass Steagall
2. NYSE Rule 98 Principle – separation of market makers & dealers.
3. Paycaps only if relative to proportion of highest paid v. lowest paid acceptability ratio
4. Close down Rule 144A
5. Uptick Rule

1. Protection extends only to commercial/consumer banks dealing directly with the Public
2. $500MM (?) size cap on TBTF Banks
3. Laws not Rules for FinRegs – civil/criminal penalties, SEC must be funded adequately
4. Consumer Protection must be independent – NOT beholden to Treasury – and adequately funded
5. Fed must remain independent
6. Federalize all election campaigns – including local judicial campaigns
7. Frontrunning prosecutions
8. Materially misleading prosecutions
9. Specter Amendment
10. Volker Rule
11. Brown – Kaufman SAFE Banking Act/Amendment

1. $100MM (?) size cap to trip public disclosure standards

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